Which motorcycle can I take part in the SEEKER 2000 with?

Participation is possible with any Enduro motorcycle up to a year of construction 2000. It must be able to withstand the extraordinary off-road conditions and be in good technical condition.

Is accommodation included in the price?

The overnight stay in the hotel (standard double room incl. Breakfast) on the day of arrival and the day before departure is included in the price. The camping fee in the individual stops during the event is NOT included in the entry fee.

Which tires are recommended for the event?

We recommend that the participants use hard gravel tires. It should withstand the 1500km track and also have the necessary grip. Participation with normal road tires is not possible.

Can I also take part in SEEKER 2000 with a small tank?

At this event the minimum range is 150km. Every participant should be able to cover this distance without problems. Carrying fuel in bottles on your body is prohibited for safety reasons. There are enough gas stations.

Should I ride with tube or mousse?

Basically, mousse is the preferred choice in cross country sports. Possible flat tires are avoided here and no one has to fix flat tires on the way. In the case of the large enduros (ADVs) that drive with a tube or tubeless, we assume that the rider is able to repair a flat tire on the way.

What exactly are waypoints?

Waypoints are marked points with coordinates in .GPX format. These waypoints are set by us at strategically favorable positions and bring the participants to their respective daily goal. On the day of arrival, the riders get all the data transferred to their GPS and can prepare perfectly day after day.

What type of terrain can be expected in the route?

The route runs mainly on gravel roads and field and forest paths. Depending which trail you choose. However, there are also very stony and muddy sections, as well as water crossings and single trails. Actually, everything can be expected. Cross country cannot be put into words.

How can I imagine the navigation?

All riders receive a GPS track per riding day and around 10 waypoints for the special stage that guide them through the day. The routes in the Special Stage (approx. 30km) between the individual waypoints are to be worked out by the riders themselves. We also provide you with an analog map overview for this special test. Of course, you can also prepare and make your ride with friend in a team.

Do I absolutely need a trackable Garmin GPS device?

We recommend every participant to bring a Garmin GPS with them. Of course, there is also the option of navigating with alternative tablets or smartphone apps.

How is the daily catering planned?

Each rider is responsible for their own food. We have not planned any fixed lunch stops during the day.

Is there electricity and sanitary facilities in the daily base camp?

The basecamp is very important to us. Of course, electricity and sanitary facilities are available for the riders. Furthermore, the camp is always within reach of gas stations and shops. There is also increasingly the option of getting a room or a mobile home.

How do I book a room?

After the successful registration you will be provided with information via newsletter at regular intervals. There will be a list of the current base camps and optional accommodation in good time before the start of the event. The booking of the optional rooms is carried out by the participants.

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